Wireless Technologies in Mass Transit for Convenience and Safety

Modern Mass Transit is rendering it easier for commuters, with the latest inter linking cellular solutions especially. Many buses, commuter trains, shuttles and even trolley cars will have WiFi wireless computer access so no-one has gone out of touch through the travel time. That is being done now in Baltimore to NY trains and in Sacramento to SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Trains because of Amtrak. In the end we’ve Wireless hotspots at McDonalds, Kinko’s, Reserve Stores, Starbucks, Hotel and international airports lobbies already.

Insurance agencies these amenities we can get visitors to stay out of their automobiles and revel in the commute and or have a high speed coach on the next trip; not forgetting save the fuel which is nearing $3.00 per gallon. After the system is made the functional costs are relatively low taking into consideration the costs of broadening airports which generally have cyclical tendencies during growth and bust years and so hard to control your ROI, with gates becoming bare and then new gates which have to be built-in the up routine. One only must follow the sector rotations of the air travel industry and vacation through the California desert and appearance at Vast amounts of us dollars of Airliners resting hibernated which might never be utilized again. Between your cutthroat price wars, Individual bankruptcy tactics and today period of International Terrorism we have to rethink our vehicles technique to include other redundancy methods, which can deliver the acceleration and comfort that people use to have in Commercial Aviation.

We have a couple Nationwide Bus Companies that deliver people over the nationwide country. We have to insure buses are safe also in the era of International Terrorism and at the same time we have to increase use and ridership. New interconnected cellular technology can do both. Because you already are on the web you can send video tutorial feed back again to the order and control for the mass transit system and constantly screen.

Providing amenities to commuters and basic safety at exactly the same time provides riders again and let’s face it no-one needs to pay $85.00 each week to complete up their SUV with fuel. Now is a great time to coax the general public back again to the mass transit systems we’ve already setup and increase the economies of scale to make those old embellished proformas used to float the bond measure possible. Can technology do all that? It can perhaps. Think it over.